Total Warrior – Leeds 2017

On the 24th June I apparently lost my sanity and took part in the Total Warrior Obstacle Course Race in Leeds. Not usually my sort of thing, given that I’m scared of both heights and drowning, and Total Warrior boasts both walls and water, but this year partners were invited to join my Fiance’s work […]

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Rat Race Runstock 2017

After genuinely thinking we couldn’t afford it, my Fiance and I managed to scrape together the funds to attend the second ever Rat Race and Runners World Runstock, and I’m really glad we did! Runstock is a family friendly festival style running event, with camping and entertainment in the evening. Held on the grounds of […]

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Current Race Calendar

I’m really struggling at the moment, not with wanting to run, but with wanting to run too much! Obviously I have days when I just cannot be bothered and a 20 minute amble from my house and back is all I can manage, but most of the time I feel like I want to quit […]

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