A year in the making

It’s taken me a long time between thinking about making this blog, and making it. I started running (read ‘hobbling’) a year ago now and originally wanted to document my progress online, but the fear of failing, not being very good, not keeping it up etc stopped me. One year on, I’ve stuck with it and I think it’s time I share my story and progress, whether anyone reads it or not!

To catch up – I started running using the couch to 5k programme a year ago. I’ve never been sporty, I skipped PE in school regularly and would never have dreamed of every actually enjoying a sport. My timehop app keeps showing me my progress which I posted on Facebook, doing run walk intervals with my running pace being around the 15 minute mile mark. It was HARD. My first run was killer, all 30 seconds of it. I thought I might die. I was 16 stone, I had been going to the gym but in all honesty not pushing myself at all, probably just doing enough to maintain my weight instead of it going up. I hated it, but taking inspiration from one of my best friends who was a similar size to me and got up at 5am to run, and another lovely lady who had just run the 2016 London Marathon, I stuck with it.

In December last year I signed up for Cancer Research’s Race for life. I picked a 5k event for May (this month!). At that time I was close but couldn’t yet run a whole 5k without stopping, I used this race as motivation to get me there. Later, after Christmas I got over my anxiety and joined my local Parkrun, a free timed 5k run every held every Saturday morning at 9am across the country. Running with groups of people and getting accurate times really spurred me on.

Jump to now, a steady 5k is one of my easier runs. I’ve lost 3 stone so far and dropped 2 dress sizes. I still have 3 stone left to lose, but my focus is on my running and my health. My Parkrun PB is 32.48 minutes. I’m excited for my first race in less than 2 weeks time, though in hind sight I should have entered the 10k, but it will be my first race, completely alone, and a massive landmark for me never the less. I’m also signed up for Ratrace’s Runstock festival where I’m aiming to get 5 lap bands (so 25k) throughout the day and the 12k Total Warrior obstacle course race in Leeds. Oh, and I entered the London Marathon Ballot for 2018. Because I must be mental. And I’m not sporty, right?



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