Current Race Calendar

I’m really struggling at the moment, not with wanting to run, but with wanting to run too much! Obviously I have days when I just cannot be bothered and a 20 minute amble from my house and back is all I can manage, but most of the time I feel like I want to quit my job and just run everywhere. Maybe this will wear off, but for now I’m in a battle between entering all the races every and making sure I get enough rest too. Not to mention, I kind of need money for other things. Like food.

I have a few races already entered, and there are a fair few more I’m interested in. I feel like I’ve already planned out next years races, never-mind this years.

  • Sunday 14th May – Cancer Research Race for Life – 10k –  1.08.45- Complete
  • Saturday 10th June – Ratrace Runstock – Aiming for 5 laps so 25k throughout the day
  • Saturday 25th June – Total Warrior Leeds- 12k obstacle race
  • Sunday 2nd July – Winterton Show Road Race – 10 mile
  • September 24th – Doncaster Trail – 10k

I’m also very interested in the Maverick X series North York Moors trail race on Saturday 5th August. I did want to do the York 10k which is on the 6th of August but honestly I would rather Maverick. There’s the Yorkshire 10 mile on the 8th October which is also through York so I may do that instead. My birthday weekend, but what’s a better present than another medal?!

So, potentially 7 races this year. Not to bad for someone who only started the C25K this time last year.



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