About Me

I don’t like writing these sections, but I do like reading them from other blogs so I suppose I need one.

I’m Jade. I’m 26 from Lincolnshire and my entire life until last year I have never been sporty.

I skipped as much PE at school as I could, I couldn’t run, I can’t throw, catch, kick. I have the arm strength of a lettuce (well, not so much now I train in the gym but I used to be pathetic) and I just generally hated any form of physical activity. As I got older I learned to enjoy walking and hiking but not to any great extent. I’ve been a member of gyms since I was 21, but I knew nothing about working out and thought if I was starting to ache or be a bit out of breath I had done too much.

I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a child. I’ve struggled with my mental health for just as long. In my late teens and early 20’s I was diagnosed with depression and then later Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). I got into unhealthy eating habits where I would work out to ‘earn’ calories so I could eat that day. This unhealthy relationship with food is something I still struggle with.

In 2016, in a better place both mentally and physically I took inspiration from people around me and decided to learn to run. It was awful and I hated it. But, a year on I can honestly say I love it. I feel like I have found a sport I can enjoy and succeed at and it’s helping my sense of self and mental well-being so much.

I’m now enjoying my journey, looking at food as a way to nourish myself, fuel my body and enjoy as a post run treat too. I have races and events to work towards, goals to meet every day and something to drive me. And cake. Nothing beats guilt free cake.

Bonus – I’ve lost 3 stone so far. I’m getting married in 2018 and all this running is really going to help me with that wedding dress body!